What is a Trading Pin???

We realize that you have probably read items like this in the past, but we have an agreement with  Lions Clubs International (LCI) that says we will periodically remind the membership about this question.  Your LCI Board of Directors has established the following detailed definition of a Lions (Convention) trading pin and we thought it might be helpful to include it on this page.

A trading pin is a pin that is:

  1. Legally bearing the Lions emblem, Leo emblem and/or marks Lions, Lions Club,  Leo, Leo Club, Lions International or Lions Clubs International, and

  2. Ordered from a pin maker who is authorized to make and sell trading pins, and.

  3. Which has permanent lettering in its design, identifying an individual Lion or Lions group, Lions Club, District, Multiple District, State, Province, Territory, or Country, and

  4. Which conforms to Lions general standards in regard to quality and content (no pornography, nudity, alcohol, gambling, drugs, or things of questionable morality), and

  5. Contains the permanent marking specified by Federal Trademark Law, and

  6. Which is fitted on the back side with a single clutch, multiple clutch, safety pin, straight pin, or screw back attachment.

Now, the above is “lifted” directly from the official definition provided by LCI and it is something that we pin traders can and should abide by at all times.

A Trading Pin is NOT!!!

The following are examples of what is NOT:

  1. An official Lions membership or lapel pin, or

  2. A pin designating or related to an office of any Lions entity, or

  3. A pin ordered by any Lions entity for purposes of recognition or special achievement or training,  and bearing the word “award” or lettering to indicate an award (leadership, growth, service, etc.,), or

  4. A pin manufactured to identify a Lions supported or controlled entity (eye bank, foundation, clinic, etc.,), or

  5. A pin manufactured to indicate attendance at, or participation in, a Lions meeting, forum, conference, etc., or

  6. A jewelry item or piece that is in the same class as an item available in the Lions Official Supply Catalog or special promotion brochures or fliers published from time to time by LCI Club Supplies and Distribution Division.