Branson 2008 Pin Swap

Branson, MO

Missouri Lions Pin Trading Club

Bob Van Ark, PDG, Bulletin Editor

Branson Meet--Fun For All

We had a slightly smaller attendance than usual in Branson, August 7-9, because it came so soon after the Alternate Site Meet in Jefferson City in June.  But we still enjoyed the company of Pin Traders from ten states:  Oklahoma, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Texas and Mississippi.  We welcomed 25 Pin Traders and five guests, including first timer Lion Leo Fugate from Iowa.

The weather cooperated--we enjoyed balmy breezes (unlike the 100 degrees days last year), as the Pin Traders visited, checked out Branson shows and looked for that elusive pin.  On Friday night, many of the Pin Traders shared the experience of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

At the meet, the Missouri Pin Traders determined that they had realized a profit of $2,000 from the Alternate Site meet, and voted to send it to LITPC for inclusion in our ongoing effort of support for Sightfirst II.

We’ll be back in Branson, same time, next year.

Branson 08 Pin Swap
Branson 08 Pins Swap
Branson 08 Pin Swap


Date: January 28, 2009